I am one to get my hopes up easily. Most of the time when I do get my hopes up, they come crashing down when unforeseen circumstances causes them to come crashing down.

I was really looking forward to the threesome. We had a place picked out, the day we would do it, and even talked about the details about boundaries and what we wanted to happen. I was really excited about it, though a bit nervous. We were all nervous, but very excited.

Unfortunately, things don’t always work out the way they planned. When I got the message today that we could not go through with next weekends plans of the threesome, I felt a huge wave of disappointment. I was so ready for things to happen the way we planned originally.

I had a cute, sexy negligee that made me feel awesome. I had a bag ready and packed full of flavored lubes, condoms, and toys. I watched pornography that showed threesomes, to get ideas on what we could do. I had my own little fantasy in my mind of how things would turn out, what it would be like.

We plan to wait on the threesome thing, and hopefully plan to do it sometime in the future. I mean, just because we can’t do it next weekend doesn’t mean it won’t happen ever. There were many times when I built myself up for something, just to feel that wave of disappointment wash over me.

For example, I thought I would never get to experiment with that one lady again, but it worked out to where we could. I thought Forbidden fruit would never do cam with me again, but now I get to watch fairly frequently.

Anyways, whenever I think about my now cancelled plans, I still feel disappointed, but I also feel like it gives a better opportunity. It will give us three to get to know each other better, to not rush into a sexual thing that we will all remember as a life changing experience. At least that is the way I look at it.

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