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A Weekend of Firsts

So far this weekend has been a weekend full of firsts for me. I think it all started at the mall on Thursday afternoon. Forbidden Fruit, the girl in the couple that asked me to threesome with her and her boyfriend, my gay friend (the one that was all over me the day I wore my pheromone spray), a girl friend that I have been getting closer to in the past couple months (only as friends), and myself.

I bought forbidden fruit and I a chai milkshake. This is nothing unusual, as we have a deal that for whatever I buy him, I get to watch him jack off on webcam. Yes, I know he is using me too, but I like watching him. He has a nice cock, and I want nothing more than to suck it. I am getting off track…

We went to the arcade located in the mall and played a round of ski ball. I won, and when I turned to collect my tickets, my gay friend (who I will now refer to as M), asked me to get him something to eat. In payment I could receive unlimited grope privileges to use whenever. I was hesitant. I knew he didn’t have any money, as he has some personal issues. I also knew that Forbidden Fruit would feel jealous. He saw my hesitancy, and then he told me he could give me other things too. I looked at him with a doubtful look. That’s when he cupped my chin with his hand, tilted my head back, and kissed me.

That was unexpected. It feels unfair, since he is gay, and the way he kissed me was so sweet and passionate. It was the way a boyfriend would kiss me. I was under his spell… I got him dinner. Forbidden Fruit was jealous, and barely talked to me the rest of the night. M used his left over change from me buying his dinner to get a chocolate covered cherry. He put the stem in his mouth and had me eat the cherry. He kissed me three more times that night. That begins the first of firsts, me kissing my first gay guy.

It was planned that my friend (the one with the boyfriend that invited me to join them in a threesome, who I will now call Anna) would come to my house to stay the night. When we all went our separate ways and Anna and I got to my house, I showed her my new outfit I wanted to wear at the threesome, my toy box, my lube and condom box, and my movie collection. She was impressed.

That night her boyfriend kept calling to check on her. He was bored and at work, so we decided to mess with him a little. We started sending naughty text messages, saying what we could be doing to each other. With each text, he called back to tell us how mean we were. I took the phone and told him if we were really mean we would tell him he is not allowed to masturbate or have an orgasm when he got home.

We finished our naughty story and decided to send naughty pictures to him. The first picture was of us rubbing our nipples together. The second one was of my licking her nipple, and the third picture was of us licking our own nipples. These sent him over the edge. He called and asked if we wanted to get on webcam once he got home. We agreed.
We took turns taking showers, so we could be ready for our big show. When he got home he got online and we got on web cams. The first thing he wanted us to do was kiss. We got really giggly, and I warned that it was my first time kissing a girl, so I was nervous. We kissed, and it wasn’t bad.

As he jacked off on webcam for us, we kissed, played with each others titties. We asked what he wanted, and he told us what to do. She finger fucked me, she dry humped me, we kissed some more. Finally he came. We were all so tired we decided to call it a night. We also decided that we should go ahead with the threesome the next day when I would have the place to myself while my mom was at work.

To be continued…

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