I don’t remember if I mentioned it before or not, but I have always wanted a wireless bullet. Something to have in my pants and give the remote to someone, like Forbidden Fruit, so that they could turn it on and off as they please. The ones I saw online were a little outside of my price range, so I gave up on looking for the time being. When I went to the toy store a few weeks ago, the cordless bullets were on sale, but I ended up getting the outfit instead.

However, today I was talking to Anna. She said that Nathan got her one at our local mall, and it was only twenty bucks! So, I got together with some friends and headed to the mall to see for myself. Sure enough, they were there. I got one, along with some chocolate dust and duster to have for our next threesome.

I can’t wait to try out both new things, but I am especially looking forward to trying out the bullet tomorrow. Forbidden Fruit will love having that kind of control. I think it would also be fun for all of us friends get together, pass around the remote without my knowledge, and have me try to guess who is in control. That gets me so hot thinking about that.

Anna was telling me about her boyfriend accidently hitting the “on” button in the library. Forbidden Fruit heard it. Unfortunately that is all I got, as it was from text and my phone died right after I said it was going to die. I wasn’t home yet to charge it, so I don’t know what happened.

Forbidden Fruit doesn’t know I got it yet. I will make it a surprise. I can actually picture him standing outside my class while I am inside, flipping the “on” switch. That would be kind of hot. I will have to test it out though, before I leave for school. I wouldn’t want everyone around me knowing that I have a bullet in my pussy, waiting for someone to push that “on” button. I can even picture giving Nathan my remote, as well as Anna giving him her remote. He could mess with us both at the same time. I get hot picturing Anna and I wearing our bullets, playing with each other’s tits while Nathan plays with our dripping wet pussies.

Enough of my rambling fantasies about it. I will let you know what happens if and when I give the remote to Forbidden Fruit. I can’t wait to see what happens.

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