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Adventure and Wishlist

The other day, Jenny picked Forbidden Fruit and I up at the mall. We went to a local sex toy store. I got a new toy, and we looked around. There we saw the Naughtinano. We asked if there was any way we could test it, since we had an iPod with us. At first the sales clerk said no, but when we said we had an iPod, she got the box out and inserted the batteries.

First we tested it listening to an Audiobook. That caused the toy to vibrate in a very steady vibration. Also, the more we turned up the volume, the more intense the vibrations got. Next we put a few songs on. The toy actually vibrates to the beat of the music. It was so cool. Once again, the higher it was turned up in volume, the stronger the vibes. I want one so bad. If I could get anything for Christmas and nothing else, I would want it to be the naughtinano.

After the store, we went and had some ice cream, then went to Target. We just looked around, but I found some flannel sheets for only twenty bucks. I am a big fan of flannel so I had to get them, plus, they were irresistibly soft, and good flannel sheets are not easy to come by at a cheap price like twenty bucks. We then headed back to the mall where we walked around.

While Forbidden fruit and I waited for his mom and Jenny to get a drink from the café, Forbidden Fruit commented on how tired he was. I told him I was tired too. He explained why he was tired, from walking around so much, and wanted to know why I was so tired. “Because YOU wouldn’t let me go to bed last night,” I told him. Right then I looked up to see his mom standing next to us with an odd look on her face.

As he was leaving I asked if I was going to get a hug. Forbidden Fruit shrugged and said no, that I could have one the next day. I found it amusing when his mom got on his case for that. She told him he was rude and that I was sweet for letting him use my phone and everything else that I do for him.

Since Forbidden Fruit was gone, Jenny and I decided it was time to go as well. Her car started fine and we had no worries. About halfway home we noticed her headlights getting dimmer, until finally we were depending on other driver’s lights to guide us. Next the windshield wipers went out, then the defroster. As soon as we said “uh oh,” the car started to sputter.

It was obvious the poor car was going to die, so, still on the freeway, we changed lanes and pulled over. As soon as we got onto the side of the road, the whole car died. This was a first for both of us, and I am amazed at how calm she seemed the whole time. She called her mom, who then called AAA for us.

As we waited for her mom, we just sat and talked. I told her about my drama with the ex and some other concerns I had. We joked about how if we didn’t have phones we could go out and flash the other driver’s to get help, and say that our other flashers weren’t working. Finally her mom and her mom’s boyfriend got there, then the CHP helped them move the van even more off to the side of the road, then the tow truck.

All in all, it was an interesting day. That night, I tried out my new toy, another glass dildo. At first it felt like I was being torn a new crotch, but once I got the bullet going onto my clit, I got wet and the glass felt amazing.

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