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December 2008

Confused, Opinions Wanted

I don’t exactly want to call my feelings for one of my coworkers a crush. I am not sure what it is. I tend to say flirty things to him, and we kind of joke around, and I sometimes catch myself saying the first thing that comes to mind (and what is on my mind is something I probably shouldn’t be saying out loud at work). And, before I get… Read More »Confused, Opinions Wanted

And the Threesomes Continue

I came good and hard that morning. I thought I was good to go for the next twenty four hours. Anna called me at 10:30 AM. I had just went to sleep two hours ago after working all night. I told her I would call her back when I woke up. 1:30 PM came around, and she called again. She said Nathan had a couple errands to run at 2:30,… Read More »And the Threesomes Continue


I think there is one friend that I have that I actually behave around. I keep my hands to myself and I keep the conversations PG. With my other friends, I sometimes have the tendency to touch, grab, poke, or pinch in a most often times, unwanted manner. With this one particular friend, who we will call Ian, I am a good girl. Unfortunately, I only get to see Ian… Read More »Behaved

Cam Slut

A year ago, I hated masturbating on webcam. I always felt shy and embarrassed, but I did it anyways. I did it to tease, to torment the one on the other end. I also hated doing it because the person watching was not camming for me. I had no inspiration. I first started to enjoy camming for Forbidden Fruit. Mainly because he cammed for me as well, but I later… Read More »Cam Slut

Mini Threesome

Wednesday night Anna and Nathan came over at about six. The plan was to watch Wall-e. They brought Wall-e and Don’t Mess with the Zohan. We behaved wonderfully throughout Wall-e. There was no sexual tension whatsoever and we paid attention to the movie instead of each other. After that first movie we decided we were all hungry, so Nathan drove us to get some dinner. We came back to eat… Read More »Mini Threesome