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Wireless Discovery

A couple of weeks ago, the week before finals to be exact, I wore my wireless bullet to school one last time. As Anna, Forbidden Fruit, and I hung out in the library, I would feel him turn the vibe on and off. Then I noticed that it seemed extra loud. I had never had a problem with it being too loud before, so I figured maybe the motor was dying (nothing new there).

All of a sudden, Anna kind of jumped. We both looked at her with a  funny look. She told us her purse was vibrating. She doesn’t have a cell phone, so we figured out immediately two things. Number one, her vibe was making the noise, not mine. Number two, my control could power her vibe.

That is not the best part of the story about the vibe.

Later, Jenny picked Forbidden Fruit and I up and we went to the local sex toy store. As we were getting out of the car, he flipped the power button, making my crotch come alive. He turned it off as we walked in, but turned it back on a few seconds afterwards.

I noticed the cashier was showing a product to a customer. She looked concerned, and by the way she was talking, it sounded like the toy she was showing was having issues. I figured out what those issues were a few seconds later when Forbidden Fruit turned my vibrator on.

It turned out the toy the cashier was showing was the same one I was using. I went up to Forbidden Fruit and whispered to him what I figured out and he started laughing. We told Jenny to come over to where we were, and told her too. She thought it was hilarious.

However, after a few minutes of our whispering, laughing, and flipping our on and off switch, the cashier figured out what was so funny. The next time we tried to turn it on she exclaimed that it wouldn’t work anymore because she took the batteries out.

We were thinking, what a great April Fool’s joke it would be to get a bunch of friends together, and one at a time go into the sex toy store, ask for a demonstration on how the cordless bullets work, and before the cashier turns on the power, have another friend flip their own switch.

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