Whenever my friends told me they were horny, I would tell them to go masturbate. They in turn told me that masturbation was boring. I never believed them, and said that masturbation was the best thing in the world. However, I now have a different mindset.

This new mind set came to be when I fell asleep three nights in a row while trying to masturbate. It didn’t matter how horny I was, how determined I was to get off, I still fell asleep.

The first time I realized I had fallen asleep while trying to get off, I woke up with my glass dildo jammed into my back and my vibrator running on almost empty. I grudgingly got up and put everything away and crawled back into bed, determined to try the next night.

That next night I woke up to the same thing; a dildo jammed into my back, but this time the vibe was off. I do remember giving up and turning it off, planning to get up within a few seconds and put everything away. Obviously that didn’t happen.

The next night, I was determined. I know the point of masturbation is to feel good, not just to orgasm, but for me, I don’t feel satisfied until I finish completely. I remember I kept dozing off, but I also kept the vibe going on my clit. I ended up waking up just in time as I started orgasming. It was weak, so weak, but at least I accomplished my goal of finishing.

I started to realize then that my friends were right. Your vibrator can only do so much, the same thing true for a dildo. Yeah, sure, it may help get the job done, but those two things can never give you that special intimacy like you can get with a partner.

I never really started wanting a partner until I started fooling around with Anna and Nathan. I love how they run their hands over me, how they play with my tits. I love to feel their bodies next to mine. I love to touch them as they touch me.

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