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1.    You have an extensive toy collection.  If you had to get rid of every toy except one, which would you pick to keep, and why?

Only one toy? Dang, that’s a hard one. I would have to choose my vibrating bullet, since bullets have never failed to get me off. I use a bullet every time I masturbate, with or without something for penetration (just depends on my mood).

2.    There’s so many labels to choose from sexually – straight, bi, lesbian, submissive, dominant, switch, etc.  Label yourself and explain 🙂

Honestly, I am still trying to figure that one out myself. It was a year ago last fall when I first started to realize that I was attracted to girls, as well as guys. I am just now starting to experiment with that. I know that I have a very submissive side, and I think that is due to the fact that I grew up so sheltered, and always let people take the lead for me so that I could follow. However, I also have huge fantasies of being the dominant one in a relationship. So for now, we can loosely say that I am a bi switch.

3.    What made you decide that you were ready to start posting pics on your blog?

It took a lot of courage to decide to post pictures on my blog. I had always been self conscious before, and I thought that maybe posting them, sharing them with the world would help overcome that modesty I grew up with.

4.    You’re the “President” for the day, and have the ability to put in place TWO laws that can’t be reversed.  What would they be?

If I had the chance to be president for a day, I would make gay marriage legal, and make proper sex education a requirement for each school grade (appropriate to age level of course. Start with how the body develops, and as students get old enough, they would learn the proper ways to protect themselves from pregnancy or STI’s.

5.    Describe your dream man (or woman).  Which qualities are you NOT willing to compromise on in a life partner?

Someone that I can be myself around, where  don’t have to hide anything about me. Someone who can accept my willingness to learn and explore new things, in the bedroom especially. I could not call someone my life partner if I could not trust them with my true self, dreams, and fantasies.

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