Cutting it Close

It took me forever to fall asleep. After I untangled my feet from Forbidden Fruit’s, I carefully got out of bed to go clean off my hand and use the restroom. When I got back in bed, my heart was still pounding. I couldn’t believe I actually got a “second chance” with Forbidden Fruit. For once he didn’t seem so forbidden anymore, though I figured that would change by morning.

I woke up at seven, when the alarm clock went off. I wanted espresso bad, since I had not slept very soundly that night. I tend to stay in one position all night when I have someone next to me, in fears of waking them up or disturbing them, so I was uncomfortable most of the night.

“It’s seven o’clock. If we hurry up and get up, we can go next door to the coffee shop and get coffee before Jenny gets here to pick us up for school,” I said softly. He just kind of moaned, and told me he didn’t feel like hurrying. I went out to see what my mom was up to. Apparently she was just leaving to go to work, a half an hour early even. She told me goodbye, reminded me to lock the door when I leave and left. It was just him and I for the next half hour until Jenny picked us up.

I went back in my room and commented that my mom left early. He sat up, and that’s when I noticed his cock sticking straight up and down out of his boxers. “Morning wood, or are you just horny again?” I asked teasingly. “A little of both,” he replied.

I sat next to him on the bed then, and rested my hand on his hard shaft, beginning rhythmic motions up and down again, moving his foreskin over the head, and back down to the shaft.

“Why don’t you get some lube,” he said.

“What kind? Just regular or the warming kind?” I asked.

“Doesn’t matter,” he answered

“I’ll use the regular, because if I get the flavored/warming kind, I would be tempted to give you a blowjob instead,” I responded automatically.

He shifted himself when I got back on the bed so that I half sat, half lay between his legs. I squeezed a dime sized amount of lube into my hand and rubbed it around until it was slightly warm, then placed my hand over his waiting cock.

Up and down my hand moved, rhythmically. When my pace quickened, he placed his hand over mine and said that I didn’t have to jerk so fast. The foreskin gives extra sensation, also meaning that I didn’t need to keep my hand so low on the shaft, and that I should keep it towards the top. He explained that I was used to “cut guys” and not used to the foreskin. I began jerking him the way he showed me.

After a few minutes, I tried racking my brain for something creative to do for giving a handjob. I always preferred blowjobs over handjobs, just because there was more to do, especially with being able to use my tongue. That is when I remembered a technique for sexual massage on a video I owned.

I did as I remembered from the video, and made my hands seem like a continuous tunnel. I started from the bottom of the shaft, slowly moving my hand upwards. When there was enough room at the bottom of the shaft, I placed my free hand at the bottom, repeating as I did with the first hand.

He didn’t seem to complain, so I kept it up. Eventually, I switched back to the traditional method of sliding one hand up and down his cock. He then placed my free hand on his balls and told me to pay attention to them as well. I did as best as I could, for someone who is not a multi-tasker.

I knew we were getting pressed for time. Both of us were still in our pajamas, hair still crazy from just waking up. I kept looking at the clock, very distracted, worrying about when Jenny would call to say when she was on her way.

Just as if she read my mind, my phone rang. I told him to answer it, since my hands were covered in lube. He answered, and asked her how long it would take her to get to my place.

When he hung up, he told me we had 5-6 minutes. I asked if he could finish by then, and he replied with a maybe. He took over the cock rubbing after that, while I massaged his balls. In no time, he was cumming.

When he was done, I jumped up and grabbed a washcloth for him, washed my hands, threw on the closest clothes I could find. Just as we picked up brushes for our hair, Jenny called to say she was at my door.

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