March 2009


Because I was so hung up on Toby the last week of school before spring break, I kind of stopped stressing over Brent. I never got the guts to ask him to do something, ask for a number, or anything. I was very disappointed in myself because of that, since the thing with Toby ended up seeming like a big joke. Anyways, so you could imagine how happy I was… Read More »Handshake


When I house sit, I never take any toys with me. It just doesn’t seem right. So imagine how horny I was when I get home from almost two weeks of house sitting. The first thing I did was charge all of my batteries, my Mia, and my Gigi. I have never gotten off from the Mia or the Gigi since I got them, but I felt I was horny… Read More »Four


Ever since high school, I have loved to make lists. I think my favorite back then were pros and cons lists, a way to organize my thoughts, a way to try to narrow down my choice. I also love to keep track of my firsts. My first kiss, my first boyfriend, my first crush, etc. I like the organization of lists. I recently read about a book on The Butterfly… Read More »Lists

Putting the Pieces Together

Well, Toby beat me to it, as in he texted me first. The day after I found out about  his supposed girlfriend, he texted me, asking how I was doing. I said I was good (a lie) and asked how he was, how the rest of his weekend was. He said he was tired, and stressed. I asked why he was stressed, and he said that the other night shouldn’t… Read More »Putting the Pieces Together

Rumor Has It…

As said before, my day was spent with butterflies in my stomach. I don’t think I have ever smiled so much at work. I really loved that feeling of butterflies every time I closed my eyes and pictured that first kiss. Well, I got home finally after I put in my eight hours. I had intentions of finishing all my posts that I had started during my breaks and getting… Read More »Rumor Has It…


I can’t seem to get Toby out of my mind. I keep replaying the other night, how in both of our uncertainties, we ended up kissing. I had imagined kissing him all week, hoping that he would end up kissing me. Every time I picture us actually kissing, my stomach does flip flops. Now, I have never been one that enjoyed kissing too much, but for some reason that was… Read More »Heat

Booty Call (The Real One)

I didn’t hear from Toby again until Tuesday. I got a text message from him saying he wanted and needed to get laid, and asked how I was doing, what I was up to. I took that as a hint, so I asked him if it was. He said what would I do if it was. I told him to give me three reasons why I should think about it.… Read More »Booty Call (The Real One)

Not Sure What I Want

The more I continue to talk to Toby, the more I question my feelings. It is kind of irritating. A month ago I was forgetting about him, because I never saw him anymore. Now that he contacted me, I begin to wonder, “What are my feelings? What do I want out of this?” Looking back at my previous posts about him, I recall a part in a post about how… Read More »Not Sure What I Want


I am hungry; hungry for cock. Nice hard cock. I want to take one into my mouth, feel it harden and grow. I want it to fill my dripping wet pussy. Heh, James texted me last night. I told him I was horny and wished I had a cock to suck. He replied by saying he was sorry he wasn’t there. I told him I bet he was sorry, because… Read More »Hungry