Last week Forbidden Fruit came over. On the way there, he mumbled something about wanting a hand job. As soon as he said that, I felt a familiar tingle between my legs. “Does that excite you?” he asked. “Yes,” was all I could manage to say.

When we got to my house, he made no acknowledgement to what he said earlier, so I asked him. “I thought you wanted a hand job..” I said, the irritation at the idea of being teased by him present in my voice. “I was kidding. You actually believed me?” he answered. “Well, yeah, of course I did. I know you want one. I could tell by the tone of your voice when you said it in the first place,” I answered, though the idea of not having his nice, hard, throbbing cock in my hands, in my control sent a wave of disappointment flow through me.

I then became determined to make him want that hand job he was supposedly joking about. “Have I showed you these?” I asked, pulling out my deck of nude male playing cards from my toy drawer. “No, where did you get these?” he asked with a hint of a smile on his face. “I got them a few years ago. My mom got them, and one day I found them, asked to play with them. She came out later and saw me playing solitaire with them. She seemed shock that the guys were nude. I think she forgot about them, so I kept them.

As I said this, I looked down and could see his hard on grow while he flipped through the cards, commenting on each one. He caught me peeking. “You want me to take it out?” he asked. “If you want,” I said, trying not to be too obvious.

He slowly started to unzip and I felt my pussy clench. Next he unbuttoned his jeans and in that second his cock was visible through his boxers. “Are you gonna finish what you started?” he asked. “Maybe. Are you serious this time? I thought you were joking about wanting a hand job.” I answered in a teasing tone. He started to “put it away” when I placed my hand on top of his hard cock and rhythmically started to rub up and down.

He moved my hand for just a second, so that he could pull off his jeans and boxers so that I had better access. On my knees, I started pumping the foreskin up and down the head, starting slow and working faster.

I kept looking at the time, because once again we were cutting it close. We had less than ten minutes to catch the bus to leave. I picked up my pace on pumping his hard, stiff cock, and within seconds he was cumming all over.

We made it to the bus just as it was pulling up.

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