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So there is this guy I went to high school with. He is a year older than me I think, possibly two. We will call him Brent. Anyways, I have been seeing Brent all semester, all throughout the campus; though I never thought he recognized me, so I didn’t really pay any attention or make any moves to say hi.

Well, every time that I saw Brent (up until about two weeks ago) I was with Forbidden Fruit. The one day I was not with Forbidden Fruit, Brent stopped me in the hallway in the way to the library and started chatting with me. Apparently he did recognize me, but just forgot my name. I told him again and reconfirmed his name (I love remembering people’s names and making them feel bad by doing so when they don’t remember mine. Not in a malicious sense, just teasingly).

We talked for a good five minutes, but then went on our ways. We pass each other at least once a day, though most of the time he seems like he is in a hurry, but he always gets a very large grin and waves enthusiastically when we pass. When he has time, we stop and chat for a few. The typical “How are you, how is your day going?, etc.” type small talk, sometimes going deeper into discussion when time permits.

Now, today started off kind of crappy. First of all, I had a horrible weekend with little sleep. Secondly, work was hell with asshole customers and stuck up coworkers. Thirdly, Forbidden Fruit called me in the middle of the night Sunday (after I had fallen asleep) and starts going off about stuff I don’t even remember, I just know the basics of the story and he made me feel very insecure, jealous, and inadequate. Typical him.

Anyways, I woke feeling kind of sad inside, not quite there in the head. Ha, I felt like the lights were on but no one was home. So I walk out and forget my cell phone. I turn back, drop everything in the living room and hurry in my room to grab my phone so I can go catch my ride. I step outside the apartment when I thought I had everything. Turns out I forgot my purse. Yeah, kinda need that, so I rang the doorbell for my mom, and she handed me my purse. I think to myself, “Its going to be one of those days, isn’t it?”

So, I get to school, and as my friend I ride with and I are getting ready to sit down in the cafeteria when I feel a tap on my shoulder. I jump, turn around, and it is Brent with a huge grin and waving. I grin back, and the next thing I know he was hugging me.

It was one of those half casual hugs, half awkward hugs, the kind of hugs that test waters (at least that is how I perceived it). The best thing about this hug? It gave me that feeling you get when hugging someone you think you may like, or when in a new relationship. The kind that sends your stomach doing flip flops, yet leaving you with a giddy euphoricness all day. I have not felt that way in a long time. It felt cool, and I have been smiling all day.

So, we are standing there talking, and I invite him to sit down with us, but he says he is in a hurry but just wanted to say hi and see how I was. We chatted for a few, while my friend looked at my phone. When my friend handed back my phone, Brent saw it and asked to see it. I handed it over, praying for him not to press the “up” button. (Yes, I know, I did learn from that one time, but my boss stays far from my phone and it is funny to see my friend’s faces when they see a picture of my newest toy.) He didn’t press it, thank God, but he did see my lovely background picture of Shane West from “A Walk to Remember,” my all time favorite movie.

He asked who it was, a kind of teasing/hinting tone. “Oh, Shane West. He’s an actor,” was my reply. His response: “Oh, ok. I thought it was a boyfriend or something.” That is when I told him matter of factly that I was single and had no boyfriend (thinking to myself “unless you count BOB, Battery Operated Boyfriends”). He kind of smiled at that and said “Oh, ok.”
Seriously though, that guy (Shane West) is way too good looking to be someone from around here, let alone date me. I honestly believe he was checking, for possibly making a move in the future. The only thing that bugs me about that hug today was the fact that those kinds of hugs make me over think things…

Unfortunately, I only saw him once more, and that was in passing on the way to classes thirty minutes later, and as usual I saw him grin and wave.

So, what do you think readers? Think he likes me, is shy, and possibly may make a move later? Or is he just really super nice, smiley, and friendly. I just can’t seem to put things together without getting my hopes up or over thinking this. Think he was just making conversation by mentioning the whole boyfriend thing, or was he honestly curious and wanted to know for future reference?

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