The other day I got a message from Toby. The subject was titled “What’s up?” I opened it happily. Inside I became so baffled, that I spent the rest of the night asking myself “What the fuck?”

The message starts out normal. He asked me how things were going, and what I have been up to. Nothing strange about that. However, I continued reading, and the more I read, the more baffled and confused I became. Things that made me ask myself “Wow, where did that come from?” “Where in the hell did he get that?” and “What the hell?”

First, out of the blue, immediately after asking how things were going, he just randomly says “So, the last time I talked to you, you said you wanted to be a sexual therapist.” That was it. So where did that come from. He didn’t ask if I still felt that way or why that is just placed in the middle of a message that gets weirder and weirder the farther I read on. After the mention of me wanting to be a sex therapist, he “casually” says “Oh, by the way, I heard that you like me more than a friend. Is that true? Be honest.”

Ok, that is semi understandable that he would ask that. Seriously though, this started to make me feel a little suspicious. Either someone at work is talking about me and misconstruing things that I say, or someone found my blog. I am thinking my first option, since no one at work knows about my blog. I know there are several people who know that I was interested in getting to know him, since he always made me think. I also know that those people have big mouths and like to spread gossip.

Lastly in this baffling message, he tells me to keep our messages between us because he did not like drama. I guess I am kind of breaking that rule by typing this, but I needed to let it out. I want your opinions. I did write back, and I wrote it as nonchalant as I could. I told him things were going ok, that I was just busy with work and school. I added in that yes, I still would like to be a therapist, but due to having certain prudish family members, that probably wasn’t going to happen.

I then answered his question. I told him that I didn’t know where he heard that, but I may have said that I would like to possibly get to know him more, but to say I liked him as more than a friend was a little off, since I barely knew him.

I finished off with saying not to worry, that everything we say was between us, and that I don’t like drama either. Really though. I feel a little bad for writing this, since I am officially breaking my promise, but I really hope I have nothing to worry about. No one that reads this knows him. Every name that I use is obviously not the real names of the people involved.

Honestly, if I had a choice, I would forget Toby and try for Brent. Everything about Toby screams “Watch out! Everything about Brent says to go for it. I am going to try to stay clear of Toby, at least until I get some answers. I really don’t think I trust him. He was telling me one day that he liked to get his friends drunk so that they would tell him stuff that they normally wouldn’t tell him. That does not seem trustworthy. I would not want a friend that takes advantage of me like that. Someone that does that is not a friend at all.

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