So Toby and I continued to send messages back and forth on MySpace. His reply to my first message was that he could not tell me who told him I liked him. He said that it didn’t matter because he was single and could do what he wanted with whoever he wanted whenever he wanted.

That’s when he commented on “noticing” that I was single too, but didn’t know what kind of girl I was (whatever that means. I swear, this guy confuses me so much). At the end of the message he asked for my number.

I gave him my number, and he texted me the next day. It started out as your normal text message conversation, “What’s up, how are you?” kind of stuff. Then he asked what kind of girl I was, like asking me how fast and how far I go (but not in those words). I told him it just depended on who I was with, and how comfortable I was with them.

He asked how I would be with him, and I told him I didn’t know because I didn’t know him outside of work. That’s when he asked me to hang out the next night, just him and I. I asked where we would hang out. (It was funny because when I texted this, Jenny said “50 bucks says he wants to watch movies at his place”). She was right. It was either going out to eat, or watching movies at one of our places. Going to eat seemed like my safest option for now, at least until I can get to know him.

Well, the rest of the day and night was spent in anticipation of my first possible “real” date. Hell, I even shaved my legs. I did it the complicated way too. It was so thorough, I spent an hour at the bathroom sink doing it, so that I could see any spots I missed.

Now, I have never cut my legs shaving until that night. Of all places to cut, guess where it was. On back heel of my leg. Damn that hurt. “It better be worth it,” was all I could think.

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