I am hungry; hungry for cock. Nice hard cock. I want to take one into my mouth, feel it harden and grow. I want it to fill my dripping wet pussy. Heh, James texted me last night. I told him I was horny and wished I had a cock to suck. He replied by saying he was sorry he wasn’t there. I told him I bet he was sorry, because he knew that I would suck him if he wanted.

As I sit here, I picture the movements my tongue would make around a cock, any cock.

I would start by tracing my tongue along the underside of the tip, then taking everything into my mouth, inch by inch. The more I take in, the more I move my tongue, up down and all around.

Sucking and licking until he is almost ready to blow. Only then will I fill my wet and throbbing pussy by straddling him. Start by riding slow, and slowly begin to pick up my pace. Rubbing my clit with one hand, reaching back and massaging his balls with the other.

I bend down and kiss him, he kisses back. He runs his fingers through my hair, runs his fingernails down my back. I shiver hot chills. I go wild. The bed starts to squeak as our thrusting becomes more urgent, faster, harder.

We cum, one after the other. Me first, then him. Seeing each other in such pure bliss, we cum a second time, even harder. I collapse into his arms and he holds me while we sleep. He is the big spoon, I am the little one.

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