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Ever since high school, I have loved to make lists. I think my favorite back then were pros and cons lists, a way to organize my thoughts, a way to try to narrow down my choice. I also love to keep track of my firsts. My first kiss, my first boyfriend, my first crush, etc. I like the organization of lists.

I recently read about a book on The Butterfly Temptress that you fill in the lists. These each page has the name of the new list at the top, meant for the reader to fill out the list. Some of these lists include “list the people you have kissed,” “kiss the people you want to kiss,” “list your lamest fights with lovers,” “list the things you are good at in relationships,” and many more.

The book is called Love Listography (Your love life in lists) by Lisa Nola. I looked the book up on Amazon, and decided I needed a copy. I think this book will help me keep those little details remembered, because I love to remember the little details that make me smile, or even shake my head with a smirk on my.

I am taking The Butterfly Temptress’s idea, and when I run out of ideas on posts, I will post some of the lists that I have made. Ironically, before I even knew this book existed, I made my own little list of some things, mainly just naming who I did what with, which, contain very short lists.

The first list page in the book requests that I list the people I have kissed. They go as follows:

Ex #1
The Guy in the Basement
Ex #3
Ex #4

The next page it asks to list the people you would like to kiss:

Forbidden Fruit
James (just to see what he’s like, I mean, I did blow him, I deserve a kiss)
Ex #2 (since we only online dated, living on opposite sides of the country)
Toby (I know, it’s not gonna happen, but I wouldn’t mind doing it again, just because it got me so hot).

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