When I house sit, I never take any toys with me. It just doesn’t seem right. So imagine how horny I was when I get home from almost two weeks of house sitting. The first thing I did was charge all of my batteries, my Mia, and my Gigi. I have never gotten off from the Mia or the Gigi since I got them, but I felt I was horny enough to be able to this time.

I did the stuff I needed to do to get ready for bed; changed my sheets, took my shower, brushed my teeth, etc. By the time everything was charged, I was ready for bed. I locked my door, set my laptop to play some porn, turned my lava lamp on and my lights off, and hopped into my bed wearing nothing but my nightshirt.

I decided to use the Mia and Gigi first. I started by turning on Gigi and rubbing it all over and around my clit. I could feel my pussy juices begin to flow. I stuck her inside. Next I took my Mia, turned it on, and rubbed her over my clit. I was so wet by this time. I began thrusting Gigi in and out, rubbing Mia over my clit.. Within five minutes, probably less than that, I was cumming. Unfortunately, because the Mia and Gigi never really seemed strong enough, my orgasm was not as strong as it could have been. It felt weak, and left me very unsatisfied.

I grabbed my bullet and put its batteries in. I also reinserted my Gigi, turning it back on to stimulate my g-spot. It took all of my control to not cum as soon as my bullet touched my clit. I had to turn it down, sometimes even taking it all that way off to stop myself from cumming. I put off on cumming for at least three minutes, but soon I couldn’t take it anymore, and I was cumming for the second time, this time twice as strong as the last. I still wanted more.

I let my pussy rest for a few minutes, and debated on whether or not I should go for round three. I mean, I had just came twice within fifteen minutes, so I wasn’t sure if I could take anymore. My horniness got the better of me, and I inserted my Pure Wand for round three.

I started by slipping the small end in first, letting myself get used to the cold, then when I felt wet enough (I was already soaked, but just wanted to be safe), I switched ends and filled my pussy with the bigger end of the Pure Wand. I put my bullet on my clit and started slow rhythmic circles around it.

I kept this up for a good ten minutes, and this time my body wasn’t in such a hurry to cum. I took my time, slowly thrusting the steel in and out when I remembered to (not a multitasker, remember) and rubbing my bullet on my clit.

After a goof fifteen to twenty minutes of this (my average time), I was cumming hard and fast. That was number three, but still I needed more. I didn’t think I could take it, but it was worth a shot.

This time I used just my bullet, and within just a few minutes, I came a fourth time. Even then I still wanted more, but when I tried my clit wasn’t going to have the extra attention and I cleaned everything and went to sleep after having four orgasms in one hour. I felt good; horny, but good.

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