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Because I was so hung up on Toby the last week of school before spring break, I kind of stopped stressing over Brent. I never got the guts to ask him to do something, ask for a number, or anything. I was very disappointed in myself because of that, since the thing with Toby ended up seeming like a big joke.

Anyways, so you could imagine how happy I was to see Brent when I got back to school on Monday. He smiled and waved, and we stopped and talked for a few. We talked about our spring breaks, video games, and WoW. Too soon, it was time for us to get to our classes.

Now, I was expecting a hug, seriously. I mean, I set my stuff down, making myself less tied down from my backpack, purse, and art bag. So, imagine my surprise when he stuck out his hand like one would do for a handshake. Yes, I shook his hand, but really? A handshake? He looked like he wanted to hug me, but his shyness got the better of him. If he wasn’t eating a yogurt, I probably would have tried to (awkwardly, I am sure,) hug him.

Seriously though, a handshake? I mean, I will take what I can get. Maybe that handshake will lead to something more one day, but still. Oh well. I will keep trying. Any ideas on how to get his attention? I noticed that he definitely brings out the good girl in me, like, I try not to talk to him like I do with my friends. I definitely keep it G-rated. I am actually very shy at first before I get to know someone, so from what I hear, he is more shy than me. I can talk a lot when blogging, texting, or instant messaging (as we saw with Toby), but I freeze up when it comes down to it. Advice please, dear readers?

Update: The next day he did walk me to class, but I then got neither a hug nor a handshake. Seriously, what the hell do I do to get his attention?

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