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March 2009


…And not in the good way. Thursday started out well enough. I woke up after having good dreams, with a smile on my face. I was looking forward to what the day had to offer me. I thought it was going to be a good day. I got to school, and I saw Brent. I hadn’t seen him since Monday when he hugged me, so I was happy to see… Read More »Fucked


So Toby and I continued to send messages back and forth on MySpace. His reply to my first message was that he could not tell me who told him I liked him. He said that it didn’t matter because he was single and could do what he wanted with whoever he wanted whenever he wanted. That’s when he commented on “noticing” that I was single too, but didn’t know what… Read More »Anticipation


The other day I got a message from Toby. The subject was titled “What’s up?” I opened it happily. Inside I became so baffled, that I spent the rest of the night asking myself “What the fuck?” The message starts out normal. He asked me how things were going, and what I have been up to. Nothing strange about that. However, I continued reading, and the more I read, the… Read More »Baffled

Slippery When Wet

This weekend I had a guest. We will call her Sarah. Sarah is the one that helped me discover my bicuriousity, as well as helped me experiment. We had not done anything in a while, as every time we made plans something would come up to prevent us from getting together. This weekend was definitely worth the lack of sleep if you know what I mean. On the night in… Read More »Slippery When Wet


So there is this guy I went to high school with. He is a year older than me I think, possibly two. We will call him Brent. Anyways, I have been seeing Brent all semester, all throughout the campus; though I never thought he recognized me, so I didn’t really pay any attention or make any moves to say hi. Well, every time that I saw Brent (up until about… Read More »Twitterpated


Last week Forbidden Fruit came over. On the way there, he mumbled something about wanting a hand job. As soon as he said that, I felt a familiar tingle between my legs. “Does that excite you?” he asked. “Yes,” was all I could manage to say. When we got to my house, he made no acknowledgement to what he said earlier, so I asked him. “I thought you wanted a… Read More »Seduction


I have a bunch of half finished posts to write. I have tried to steer toward real life posts, things that have actually happened, but nothing too eventful. Most of the posts I am meaning to finish are some filler posts of erotica. However, I am hesitant to posts these/finish them. This is mainly because I am afraid of seeming like I am repeating myself, or seeming boring. I am… Read More »Update