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Spring Cleaning

I did a little cleaning when I got home from work today. I cleaned out and organized my toy drawer, as I noticed it was getting way too full and cluttered. I was getting tired of having to dig to find a toy that suited me at the time.

I took them all out and put them on my bed. Next, I dumped out my small tote box (that was full of condoms and lube). I took all of the things I never use, whether from lack of power or simple dislike) and placed them neatly inside the miniature tote box.

I took the few favorites that I have (glass dildos, pure wand, Raquel, Hitachi, and vibrating bullets) and placed them back inside the drawer, neatly arranged. I took my porn and put it under my bed, along with the unused toys. I put my condoms in a cleaned out and emptied pencil box to go under the bed as well. I put my lubes in the drawer as well.

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