If you have been following my twitter, or have been reading my blog since the beginning, you will know that I have always wanted to get my nipples pierced. I finally had the chance to make that dream come true when Sarah told me she was going to get hers done several weeks ago.

She vaguely recalled me mentioning I wanted to go, but when we set a date, everything became reality. Last weekend we drove around to the different parlors and shops, checking prices and cleanliness of the place/workers. We finally found a place we liked at a decent price.

We had our nipples sized for the rings, and the jewelry order was made. This last Friday I got a call on my cell phone telling me that the jewelry was ready. Sarah and I began to get very nervous. We seemed to have more balls a week ago when it was all impulsiveness and adrenaline.

Saturday Sarah picked me up and we went to the parlor we chose. We filled out all the necessary paperwork, and the time finally came. I decided that I should go first, and for several reasons. Mainly because I just wanted to do it and get it done with. Secondly I knew that if I saw her get hers done I would be more tempted to chicken out, even after paying a 50% deposit on everything.

The piercer marked my nipples and had me lay down. I made it a point to NOT look at what he would be using. When I was ready, he stuck the needle in and back out. I let out a slight scream. I looked at Sarah, who had begun to curse me, then we started laughing. One down, one more to go.

The second one seemed to hurt more, and the needle going in seems to hurt less than when it comes out. I let out a slight scream again, and Sarah and I began to laugh. It was Sarah’s turn. She didn’t make a sound the whole time. In less than five minutes we both had our nipples pierced.

Right now I am sore, but I think it is more of a mind over matter thing. Thinking of that HUGE fucking needle and a metal bar through my nipple makes me cringe, but I like the looks.

Oh, and to add to this memorable experience (note the sarcastic tone), in the excitement of texting everyone to tell them about my piercings, I accidentally sent a text to Toby as well. Yeah, not good. I was so embarrassed. I mean, I meant to send it to a friend with the same (real) name as him, but it went to Toby instead.

Later Toby texted me asking what made me want to pierce them. I explained that I have always wanted to, they had no sensitivity before, and now they do. I also apologized for any TMI, and that I meant to send it to someone else with the same name. He said it was good to know about me doing that and wanted to see. I was in the mood to show off, since only a few people have wanted to see, and I sent him a picture. His reply that it looked painful. I replied explaining the mind over matter, and haven’t heard back from him since. Whatever.

Well, what kind of sex blogger would I be if I didn’t show you pictures? Let me know what you think.

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