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Mixed Signals

Well, it has been a while since I last updated about Brent. Last time I mentioned him, I had finally gotten some balls and asked him to lunch. We had lunch the following week and made it a weekly thing for a few weeks, but then school made us both super busy, so we only saw each other for a few minutes before class each day. He has quit the handshakes thing, and just gives hugs, which I like. He is an awesome hugger, and he smells good.

A few weeks ago, I started getting the feeling that he only wanted a friendship out of all of this. I was fine with that and gave up trying and putting myself out there. This is because when I would ask him what he was doing that weekend, he would say he had a date. (Though he did try and make excuses for it, at least that’s what it seemed).

However, last week I started to get different vibes from Brent. We were walking to class Wednesday when he commented on how we only had a few days left before school was done and we wouldn’t see each other. I replied back by suggesting we do something over the summer. He said that was a great idea, then hugged me and went to class.

The next day I saw him at lunch and gave me his cell phone number. He would have gotten mine, but he had forgotten his phone. He said to text him and we could get together this summer and “do something, like hang out or go on a date…”

Yeah, you heard it right, he said date. I smiled at him and said sure.

I lost my confidence though when I saw the funny look he was giving me. I got embarrassed by my too eager response and mumbled “Blush.” He looked and me, smiled and said “I know,” followed by a huge grin.

Huh? What just happened. He had to go, so I gave him a hug goodbye. I noticed that he put a little extra oomph into the hug and grunted a little.

Ever since then, he has been very huggy, and I definitely get a “more than friends” vibe, rather than just a “friends” vibe from him. He is so confusing. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to figure this guy out?

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