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All About Her

She’s spontaneous. She’s unpredictable. She’s wild and crazy in bed. With her I never know what’s coming next, or how long it will last. One second she will tell me no, then when I least expect it she has her way with me. I am at her disposal. She can do whatever she wants.

She bites me. She scratches me. She teases me. She drives me nuts. I love the rush she gives me. I love not knowing what is coming next, and her surprising me with her impulsiveness. I think she will do one thing, instead she will do something else.

I want to reach out, to touch her too, but this experiment is all about her, and her using me to satisfy her curiosity. I don’t know what she is comfortable with, so I keep my hands to myself, only rarely mirroring what she does to me when she asks me to.

She knows what she does to me, and she uses it to her advantage. I swear, she will be the death of me.

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