It started with her rolling over and grabbing my waist. She then leans over me, and without  hesitations she buries her face nice my neck. She bites and nibbles all over, She starts scratching her finger nails all over my back and neck. It only lasts about three seconds, and she rolls back over to her side of the bed. I tried to stay very still, hesitant to move, afraid to break the moment. She asked if I was ok. I told her that aside from being very turned on, I was good.

A few minutes later she starts to rub my back. Slowly I relax, but still afraid to move. She has no idea what she is doing to me. The back rub lasts about five seconds, and she asks how that was. I said it was good.

We begin to calm down, or at least she does, whereas I was trying to absorb every bit  of self control I had, afraid to scare her away.

She surprises me by asking if she can fuck me with my strap on. I told her of course, that was why I got it. Carefully and quietly I get out of bed to get my newest toys. I hand her the strap on and dildo. I grab my lube and ask her how it works, whether I should put it on/in me, on the dildo, or both. She said both. When the harness was on, I handed her the lube for her to put on.

Unsure at how squeaky my bed was, I shifted to the middle, and she positioned herself above me. She asked if I was ready, and I told her to put it in. We both guided the silicone cock into my now dripping wet pussy. It’s cold, but it feels so damn good. She gets a good, slow, steady rhythm going. It lasts about ten seconds before we notice the loud squeak of my bed.

“Damn, I really want to fuck you,” she tells me.

“I know. I want you to too, but we can’t wake my mom with the squeak of the bed.” I remind her.

“What about the floor?” she asks.

“We could try. I could put a towel down on the floor and it could work,” I answered, eager for her to fuck me.

“Maybe next time. I am kind of tired. We should sleep now,” She answered.

“Really? You expect me to sleep like this?” I ask.

She says yes, then rolls over and goes to sleep, as I lay there wishing I could get off, yet knowing that would probably freak her out. I just have to wait until the next night, when I am alone.

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