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June 2009


Normally when I hang out with Toby, I need to get off when I get home. The last time we hung out I didn’t even feel horny. I felt so used that it just killed any reason to masturbate. So of course my horny has to hit me the week I am housesitting at my cousin’s. By Sunday, the day I finally got to go home, it had been two… Read More »Trio


The other day at work was interesting, to say the least. First off, I walked in and Toby was all smiles. I was pleasant to him, though deep down I am a little irritated for what happened last week. About an hour later, as I am cleaning windows at the front door, a security guard walked up and opened the door I was cleaning. Everyone knows that is a huge… Read More »Interesting…Kinda

Hang Out

Against my better judgment, I agreed to hang out with Toby again. Yeah, I know, the last post I wrote I was very against it. However, the next night I had a total change of feelings about it. I don’t know what brought them on, though I can guess, hormones. Anyways, the plan was for me to get off of work, hurry home, take a shower (shave and all that… Read More »Hang Out