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I told him I would be out in just a few minutes. I turned off WoW (shock, I know), and got dressed, making sure to wear a red thong and a sexy bra. I gathered up my keys, cell phone, put my shoes on, left a note on my bedroom door, and tiptoed out of the apartment.

We drove to his house, but his mom was still up, so he decided he did not want to go in until she went to bed. He asked if it was ok to just drive around. I said sure, and we did. Eventually he found a parking lot and he pulled in and we just talked.

We talked about when we messed around last time, how I liked it, how he liked it, how it could have been better, what things we like and don’t like. It was good that we talked, because I think it was something I needed. It made me relax a little.

Three came around and we drove back to his place. His mom was in bed by then so we snuck into his room. We stood there talking for a few minutes, trying to ease the atmosphere.

After a few minutes, he placed his hands on my breasts and started to squeeze and fondle. He then stuck his hands under my shirt and lifted my tits out of my bra to fondle with them more. When he got a little too rough with my nipples, I reminded him, and he then took a good look at my piercings and smiled.

He lowered his head to my right nipple and began to lick, suck and tease it. Holy shit, I have never felt anything like that on my nipples before. They used to be so insensitive, but I could feel the bar move around on the nerves inside and it felt amazing. Our breathing started to get heavy.

Next, he reached to undo my jeans. My belt got in the way and I had to help him get it undone. Slowly he slid my pants down and felt for my thong. I took off my shirt while he turned me around so that I could feel his hard cock pressing against the small of my back.

He wrapped his arms around me, feeling my tits, feeling my ass. Suddenly he grabbed my ass like no one has before and squeezed. That sent me over the edge and my breathing picked up even more.

He turned me around again, and we kissed. We kissed all over, and I found his neck, nibbling just a little bit, then sucking slightly. He did the same.

He would whisper in my ear how I liked things. I couldn’t speak, only give a soft moan of agreement. He would reach behind me and grab my ass over and over, squeezing.

Finally after about ten minutes he asked if I was ready. Oh yes. He undid his jeans and his hard cock was ready and waiting. I got down on my knees and ran my tongue around the tip, slowly easing it into my mouth.

Way too soon it felt like, he came in my mouth. I had no way to get rid of it so I had to swallow. It was definitely not the best, but not the worst I have tasted. All in all I am a little disappointed. I sucked him for not even a minute when he came, then he was zipping his pants back up. It was time to go. It was over, and I was used.

I got dressed and he took me home. We will see how I feel in the morning, but right now I am feeling a little annoyed. Annoyed at myself, a little annoyed at him. I was trying to say no, but he pushed me. I finally agreed, and damnit, it was hot. But was 20 minutes of hotness really worth feeling used?

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