The other day at work was interesting, to say the least. First off, I walked in and Toby was all smiles. I was pleasant to him, though deep down I am a little irritated for what happened last week.

About an hour later, as I am cleaning windows at the front door, a security guard walked up and opened the door I was cleaning. Everyone knows that is a huge pet peeve of mine, which is why she did it. I complained, and then she said that I “was lucky she didn’t do this,” and smacked my ass.

What the fuck? I said to her that was harassment as she walked away laughing. The other near by security guard then informed me that it was only harassment if she enjoyed it. I didn’t really care, it was kind of funny. However that is not the first time I got my ass smacked at work.

Last year when I worked graveyards and got a call to go clean a spill in the bar a drunk, dancing customer started smacking my ass, thinking I was one of her friends. I was a little traumatized at first, and when I told security about it they just laughed at me.

The only time security ever really came close to offending me was a few weeks ago when one was joking with me and said something along the lines of “well, it’s because you’re easy.” I reminded him that his comment was sexual harassment and he just shrugged it off. I knew he was joking, but he really had no idea…

So, back to this so called interesting day at work…

We have these automatic paper towel dispensers that require batteries. Well, one of the dispensers in my bathroom was out, so I went to go find maintenance. When I asked where the batteries were so that I could replace the ones in the dispenser, he informed me that no, he would not tell me where the batteries were…

He was joking, and eventually showed me, but I just thought it was a little ironic because he was right, I really shouldn’t know where the batteries are.

In other news, I tried calling Brent several times but have gotten no response.

Also, Toby texted me the other night asking if he could pick me up after he got off work. I said no because I had plans early that morning plus I “had female troubles.” I am so glad he didn’t press the issue and try to convince me that “female problems” didn’t bother him.

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