Normally when I hang out with Toby, I need to get off when I get home. The last time we hung out I didn’t even feel horny. I felt so used that it just killed any reason to masturbate. So of course my horny has to hit me the week I am housesitting at my cousin’s.

By Sunday, the day I finally got to go home, it had been two weeks since my last orgasm. I needed to get to business, and fast. It seemed like it took forever for my batteries to charge, but finally, after three hours, they were charged. I waited for them to get done before I took  my shower.

I put on a movie that would keep me from being aroused too much (some Lifetime movie) so that I wouldn’t cum within three minutes of starting. Masturbation session number one that night lasted twenty minutes. It was good, but not satisfying. I then made it my goal to see how many orgasms I could have that night before finally passing out from exhaustion.

Orgasm number two came about 30 minutes after number one. The whole time I wanked I used my bullet on my clit, and my silicone Raquel dildo, with my favorite climax bursts lube.

Orgasm number three however, was fucking amazing. It was even hot, for a masturbation session. I started in my normal position, on my back, my left hand rubbing the bullet on my clit and my right hand thrusting my dildo in and out.

However, ten minutes into number three I had the urge to try a position that I had never got in before. I got into a straddling position, kind of hunched over, my left hand holding the bullet and my right hand holding me upright.

I began humping my bed with the Raquel inside me, my hair let loose and feeling very sensual against my back. Eventually, within 30 minutes from number two, orgasm number three came. I had never before until this moment had the urge to scream. To prevent waking the whole house from crying out in orgasmic bliss I had to put my face down into the blankets and pillows covering my bed.

I felt amazing and so completely satisfied. I had never panted and been so sore after a wank session before. I fell asleep soon after with a smile on my face.

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