Birthday Celebrations

There are three main birthdays that people look forward to in America; 16, 18, and 21. I was definitely one of those that looked forward to turning 21. I admit to cheating a few times and drinking before 21, but I never got drunk (as it was always just a sip here and there of someone else’s drink), and I was always in a safe place.

I knew from that first drink that I would have to be careful because I liked the alcohol way too much, and alcoholism runs in my family. However, I made plans for my birthday to go bar hopping with Sarah and her friends, since none of my other friends were 21 yet.

The morning of my birthday I woke up early, the knowledge of being 21 not yet sunk in. When my mom left for work that morning I walked across street to the gas station and bought a six-pack of “Mike’s Hard Lemonade,” something I have always wanted to try. I got carded and happily showed my ID to the cashier. They told me happy birthday and to be safe. I went home and just had the one lemonade.

Ten hours later, at 6, I left for dinner with my dad and stepmom. They took me to a Mexican food restaurant and ordered me a margarita. Not bad. After dinner, they ended up surprising me by taking me to a bar they occasionally hang out at and told me to order a drink. I chose a white Russian, as that was always a favorite of mine from when I tasted the drinks that my dad and stepmom used to make me make for them when I lived with them.

I was careful not to drink it too fast, but after I finished it, several people in the bar heard that it was my 21st birthday. That’s when the drinks started coming. Someone bought me a shot of Fire Water, another bought me a sex on the beach. By that time I was getting a light buzz, but nothing major.

Next my stepmom had me order a Tequila sunrise, which turned out to be pretty good. After that was gone, I really had to pee. I got off my chair and that’s when I started to feel a little dizzy. I staggered to the bathroom and did my business and staggered back. A lady I work with ended up buying me a shot of patron, teaching me how to do the whole salt and lemon thing. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

I started feeling dizzy at the slightest movements, and tried to cut myself off, since I still wanted to go out with Sarah. The bartender and my stepmom weren’t having that it seems, so my stepmom had the bartender make me an AMF (Adios Mother Fucker). Yeah, the name says it all. It knocked me on my ass (not literally, just made me too drunk to do anything else). I seemed to guzzle it down, and after it was gone my stepmom gave me the rest of her drink, saying I was thirsty. Of course, I believed her, and guzzled that down even faster.

By that time it was obvious I needed to get home and stay there. I somehow got into a laughing fit and laughed for a good two hours straight. My mom and Sarah each recorded a video of me on the floor when I got home. Once I was in my room, I seemed to have stripped off all of my clothes and drunk dialed several friends. Between calls I recorded some videos talking to myself. I also texted a few people.

At 2:30 that morning, Toby ended up calling me because I apparently didn’t answer his text. I have no idea what I said, and he won’t tell me what I said. He claims to not have understood what I said, which I hope is the truth, because I am sure I let something slip.

Surprisingly though, I had no hangover, and I did not get sick once. I had a blast on my birthday, though I am still a little bummed I only got to visit one bar, and not bar hop with Sarah as intended.

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