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Product Review: LAYAspot

I have always heard awesome things about the LAYAspot by Fun Factory. When the awesome people at Babeland offered one for me to review, I couldn’t resist.

The LAYAspot massager is “splash proof,” meaning it is not water proof, but a little wetness won’t hurt it (i.e. washing it, lube, etc.). It also has an awesome design, as it is made to lay against any body part without too much disruption (it fits nicely against my lady bits).

There are about seven (or eight, I had a hard time deciding) speeds of steady vibration. To turn on the toy, simply hold the (+) button. Press it again to advance one speed. Hold down the (+) symbol for about a second to turn on the different vibration modes. Pressing (-) will take you back to steady vibrations.

There are three different vibration patterns (four if you count the steady vibes). The first vibration pattern after steady vibrations is a slow pulse. The second pattern is shorter and faster pulses. The third and last mode is even faster vibrations and more intense pulses.

The pulse vibrations (on this toy and other toys) have never really done anything for me, but I know a lot of people who love pulse vibration modes. Honestly, I thought that even the steady vibrations, even at maximum speed, weren’t enough to get me off. There may be seven speeds, but there was not much change it felt like when moving from one speed to the next.

The LAYAspot massager is made from elastomer, which means it is not fully sterilizable, but not as porous as other materials. It is very easy to clean, just use a toy cleaner and warm water or soap and warm water.

The massager takes two AAA batteries. To turn off the toy, just press the (-) button until all vibrations stop. However, make sure to take out the batteries after each use because I noticed that in the dark a little red light blinks, showing that the toy is still technically on, using up your precious battery life.

All in all, I was a little disappointed in the LAYAspot, as it did not live up to its expectations from me, but that is just me. A lot of others love this toy, and I will definitely keep trying and giving it another chance to try to please me. So head on over to Babeland and check it out.

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