1. First French kiss?
I was 15, my first boyfriend and I were at the movies, seeing “School of Rock.”

2. First boyfriend / girlfriend?
I was 15 when I got my first boyfriend. We met through a mutual friend who set us up to go to the Homecoming dance together

3. First type.
I am not sure what my first type really was. I was so desperate to get a boyfriend, that it didn’t really matter what he was like. Sad, I know.

4. First time you had sex.
Not too long ago actually. It was this last July, and a really messed up first time. I told him he could fuck me anal and he ended doing it vaginally. Curiosity got the best of me, which prevented me from saying no.

5. First celebrity crush.
I had a thing for Leonardo DiCaprio for the longest time.

6. First sexual fantasy.
My first sexual fantasy was when I was with my online boyfriend at the time, during senior year. It was me picturing us if and when we ever met. Maybe I will post it sometime. My writing has changed so much since then.

7. First person you fell in love with.
I can’t say I have ever really been in love. I have certainly been in lust. My first true crush though was in 3rd grade.

8. First proper sex toy.
My mom’s friend bought me a vibrating dildo the night of my senior prom. I didn’t learn how to really use it until two weeks after.

9. First porn video.
I saw my first porn when I went to visit my brother. After he left one night to go back to base, his girlfriend and I popped a movie in and she explained everything as we watched, telling me how to tell apart the fake from the real.

10. First sexy lingerie item/sexy briefs owned.
It would have to be my French maid teddy.

11. First time giving oral.
I gave my first oral to my first real boyfriend during my first year of college. I was 18.

12. First time getting oral.
The first time I got oral was with my latest boyfriend, spring 2008.

13. First orgasm given by someone else.
Sadly, that hasn’t happened yet.

14. First one night stand.
With Forbidden Fruit’s best friend the weekend of my birthday. It was amazing

15. First dirty book/dirty mag read.
I found a playboy in my parents’ bedroom when I was about 13.

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