Review: Better Than Chocolate

I have a huge sweet tooth, chocolate being my favorite sweet. That being said, you can imagine my excitement when Babeland gave me the chance to try something that is supposed to be better than chocolate.

Better Than Chocolate is a designer vibrator from Nomi Tang. It comes in a beautifully decorated box that has velvet lining inside. Inside the box is the toy itself, a small instructions booklet, and a velvet drawstring bag.

The toy is very uniquely shaped, meant to fit perfectly against the vulva and clit area. The material is made from elastomer, which means it is not completely sterilizable, but not as porous as other materials (i.e. jelly).

The controls took a while to get used to, and I still am having difficulties with them, though it is getting easier to use. There is a push power button at the top and a slide touch control right below. Slide the control up for more power and down to decrease speed of vibration. The control is not marked, but there is a temporary sticker on top with a (+) and a (-) on each end.

There are different vibration patterns as well. To get to them, simply press down on the NT logo side of the touch sensor for two seconds. Repeat to cycle through each vibration pattern until finally returning back to the steady vibration mode. To lock onto one favorite setting, hold down the opposite side of the touch sensor for two seconds.

Better Than Chocolate is waterproof up until one meter. That means the toy can be immersed in up to one meter of water. However, when the touch sensor gets wet, it automatically locks into the setting it is currently on. To unlock it, dry off the sensor.

Better Than Chocolate takes 2 AAA batteries. They are fairly easy to insert. There is a twist cap at one corner of the toy and the battery compartment is marked so it is easy to tell which battery goes where.

In all honesty, Better Than Chocolate wasn’t better than chocolate for me. I felt like the vibrations weren’t strong enough for my taste. However, the toy makes an awesome massager for more than just naughty things. It fits wonderfully on places like the shoulders and neck.

Thank you Babeland for letting me try out the Better Than Chocolate.

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