Review: Flower Balm

Sensation heightening gels/creams have never really done much for me, but I always keep an open mind, ready and willing to try something new. That is why I took the chance to review the Flower Balm when Babeland offered.

After a few days of waiting, I finally got a package from Babeland. The balm tin comes in a little cardboard box. I was pleased to find that the tin was fairly easy to open, unlike many other balm tins I have seen.

At first whiff, the scent of the Flower Balm seemed slightly pleasant. However, after several more sniffs, the smell almost seemed kind of gross. The scent/flavor of the balm is mandarin mint.

Nonetheless, I decided to give the balm a try anyways, ignoring the smell. I dipped my finger into the balm and collected a generous amount on my finger. I started by rubbing some of the balm on my nipples. I definitely felt them being rubbed, but no balm.

Next, I rubbed the rest of the balm onto my clit. I rubbed for a few seconds, but felt nothing. After about 30 seconds, though, my nipples began to feel cold. Just a few short seconds after, my clit began to feel cold as well. It felt like someone was blowing cold air onto both my clit and nipples.

Unfortunately, that was the only thing I felt from the balm. It didn’t increase sensation in neither my clit nor my nipples. The cool sensation felt nice, but not nice to help me finish the job faster.

The balm was easy to wash off, just use warm water and soap. I think that if I was more sensitive in the nipples and clit, I may have a different opinion about the balm. The truth is though, the balm really didn’t do the trick. However, that does not mean I will stop using it. It will definitely help spice things up later in the bedroom once I find a partner to play with.

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