Toby has this big goal to get me to go and do stuff outdoors with him. I always say no, as I just don’t trust him. Plus, I think we ended that (I hope). But, that does not mean I don’t have a fantasy or two of doing stuff in public, with the chance of being caught at any time. I finally did do something (somewhat in public, just not with Toby. I will call this guy D.

I am at school and I meet the best friend of a friend. He’s cute, and I flirt a little. We have a bit in common, and when it comes time for me to go to class, I have to climb over him to leave the lunch table in the corner.

I go to class to find out it was cancelled. I go back to the cafeteria, as I am now done for the day. He is still there, as I was only gone for a few minutes. I climb back over him and he kind of gives my ass a playful squeeze when no ones looking. I am not surprised, as I am actually kind of used to being groped by my friends.

I set my laptop back up, thinking I am gonna get some more blog stuff written for once. As I set up, he asks if he could have my number and if I text. I tell him my number, thinking nothing of it.

A few minutes later I get a text from a number I don’t recognize. I look up and ask if that’s him. He says yes. I open it, and am shocked at what it says: “We should go back into the woods and have some fun. I know the perfect spot.” I smile, and reply back via text, “Ooo, that’s naughty. Sounds fun, lets go.” I make up an excuse as to why I have to leave so soon, and text him that I have to run to the bathroom, but will meet him out front. He says ok. As I am walking away, he says he has to leave too.

When I come out of the bathroom, he is waiting outside. We walk side by side, my heart pounding. Once we are out of hearing distance from surrounding students and teachers, he asks me if I am nervous. I say, “very,” and ask if he is. He says yes. We get a little farther into the woods, and have a little bit of small talk. I swear, we sounded like a couple in a low budget porn dialogue; “So what’s your name? How old are you? Did you grow up around here?”

We walked a little farther, finally leaving the trail to go up onto the hill and behind the trees and bushes, out of sight. I had to say, I approved of the spot, though I was terrified of being caught.

“So how do you want to do this?” he asks, as he’s unzipping his pants and pulling out his monster cock. I get on my knees and put my left hand around the base while my tongue slowly licked around the head, getting it wet. Once its wet, I take it into my mouth and begin to suck while teasing with my tongue.

I take my left hand off his cock to let my mouth take in more and wrapped my arm around his leg, pulling him closer. I hear him quietly moaning, knowing that he would be louder if there wasn’t the chance of being heard. I looked up into his eyes as I suck him off to see him smiling.

I continue to suck while massaging his cock with my tongue. I would never keep the same rhythm , always changing the motions of my tongue, the pace of my head bobbing back and forth, cock in mouth. (It’s the first time I have enjoyed sucking cock in a long time, as Toby ruined it for me for a while).

I suck for a good fifteen minutes at least before I take my mouth off of his cock and begin to jack him off instead.

“Mmm, does sucking my dick make you wet?” he asks quietly.

“Oh, yes. Very much so.”

“Do you want me in you?”

“Yes, please.”

“Do you have a condom?”

“Of course,” I say as I reach into my purse and take out one of the condoms.

I take it out of the package and begin to put it on. I mumble about how this was the only time I hated having long finger nails. He hears me, and takes over, getting the rest of the condom on.

“So how is this gonna work?” I ask, looking at our very damp and dirty surroundings.

“Hold onto the fence and back up into me,” he says. I quickly undo my pants and pull them down and do as he suggests.

Before I know it, I am holding onto the fence and his cock is filling my dripping wet pussy.

He wraps his arms around my waist, locking his hands together at my pelvis and begins slow deep thrusts. The thrusts quickly increase in speed. He slows down for a few seconds, trying to gain control. The control doesn’t last long and he quickly resumes the quick heavy thrusts.

“I’m sorry, I can’t hold back any longer after such a great blow job,” he says, as his body clenches and his thrusts get very slow and very deep as he finally reaches his climax.

We hide the evidence and put our pants back on. We are both panting and sweaty after a nice fuck in the woods. We walk back to the parking lot together, where I wait for the bus and he heads home.

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