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Review: Tickled Pink Restraints

There is nothing hotter, in my opinion, than one partner having a little bit more control than the other. I have always had the fantasy of incorporating handcuffs into the bedroom. Thanks to Babeland, I got some Tickled Pink Restraints to review.

The Restraints are not your traditional furry handcuffs. They  come as two separate cuffs, a 36 inch long nylon strap. The cuffs are pink and so soft. I love the feel of them around my wrists. I showed them to several appreciative friends and they loved the feel as well.

At first, I was a little put off by having to figure out a secure way to tie the straps on the bed, yet also easy to untie them, but after a few advice on knots by friends, I gave them a try. Just simply make a double knot around the bars (or whatever they are being tied onto) and they are easily undone when untied. Another way to tie them would be to just tie the straps together, and wrapping them around whatever is available. The long straps give you the option for your partner to have as much slack (or as little) as you want.

Thank you so much Babeland. I love the Restraints and can’t wait to be able to use them with a partner. I am sure they will bring much excitement to the bedroom in the future.

2 thoughts on “Review: Tickled Pink Restraints”

  1. Another would be just to have your arms tied behind your back or if you ever wanted to get into more rope ideas there are harnesses made of rope you can lope around you and tied to your wrists to enhanced the restrained idea. This usually works best on your stomach so I suppose if you were preferring to be on your back being tied to the bed may work better.

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