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Update on Will

Hello dear readers. Sorry I have been a bad blogger and not updated in forever. I have been busy with school and trying to win over Will (who is now my boyfriend I am happy to say).

So, how did I finally win him over? A lot of inviting him over and cooking him dinner. One night as we sat together on my bed watching a movie he put his arm around me, and we cuddled the rest of the movie. That night when he left he gave me a kiss on the cheek as we hugged goodbye. I kissed him back on his cheek, but then he left.

The next time was the same thing. A week later we were watching a movie and after the movie, we stayed cuddling, smiling into each others eyes. I couldn’t take it anymore, and decided to take a leap and kissed him on his forehead. As soon as I did that, his lips were on mine.

We kissed a lot, but he never let it go farther than that, because he left soon. The next day he met me at school and he waited for me to get out of class, then he took me to his place and he cooked me dinner. After dinner, we cuddled and kissed some more. That night when he was driving me home I asked him if he considered us more than friends, and he said yes.

A week later I got to meet his parents at his birthday dinner. They seem like really nice people.

I really feel like there could be something there with Will and I, though I know it is too soon to tell. I worry about some things about me that he doesn’t know, things like how I spent the past year before him, this blog, etc.

One difficult thing I find in this slowly growing relationship is the fact that we are on different schedules. He works graveyard and I work day shift. Hanging out sometimes seems difficult. He also has never had a serious girlfriend, making me a first for a lot of things for him. It makes me crazy paranoid when he never calls, and I am afraid to call him in case he is sleeping. I am afraid that Toby gave me some trust issues.

Sometimes, because of our different schedules, I wonder if it is really gonna work with us. However, I always push that thought away because I like him too much to not give him a chance and a little extra slack. Like I said, he is new to this, and needs a little training.   =P   So, any advice you could give me on making a new relationship like this work? Anything about different schedules, someone being new to everything, how did you make it work. I know that there is still a lot to be learned about each other, that will happen over time, but how did you, dear readers, make it work? I really like this guy.

I like that things are going slowly, but smoothly. Something I have always needed is a guy to take it slow with me. It may drive me nuts in the moment when I want to take things further, but can’t, but afterwards I am glad things are going slowly. Its…comforting.

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