Long Time No Update

Sorry guys for my lack of updating. The lack of updates is due to several reasons. Number one is the fact that I have no time to really post. Secondly, my boyfriend still does not know about this blog, and I am sure he never will. He knows I write reviews and erotica, but he does not know how much deeper it goes than that.

I have went through and took out the nude pics of me. I just didn’t feel right having them up here, especially in case he ever happens to stumble across this site.

I am debating whether or not taking down the majority of the stuff, or just deleting this place altogether. I would rather not do that though. This blog has helped me grow so much. Not only did I learn a lot of lessons (some good, some bad), I also met some really nice people who gave me some of the best advice when I needed it the most. You, my readers, also helped give me a huge confidence boost from the positive comments on pictures.

As for my life now, things are amazing with Will. I could not ask for more with this guy. I really feel like there is something there with us. We are still taking things very slow (which I have gotten used to). I must say, before him, my reputation for sleepovers was quite…naughty. He has totally killed that reputation. Also, since we got together, Toby has left me alone. I still worry he might slip up and say something, but I don’t think that will happen.

For now I will keep things up and running, especially for reviews.

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