April 2010

Bad Karma

As I said in my last post, I have been experiencing some bad karma. This is with reason, as I have been very selfish and greedy. I have also told anyone that would listen that was not my amazing boyfriend, Will. Today however, karma made me realize that I should be happy with any time I get with Will, and not to be greedy for more. I am working on… Read More »Bad Karma

Selfish Bitch

Yes, that’s right, I feel like a selfish bitch.  Why, you are probably wondering, am I using such harsh words (and updating for that matter…)? Well, here goes. I am updating because this is a place that I know I can vent, especially when my friends are tired of hearing about my selfishness issues. So, what am I feeling so damn selfish about? My man and the time I get… Read More »Selfish Bitch