Don’t get me wrong, I may have come off a little strong last post. I am cooling off about my little discovery. It’s not like he did anything in real life behind my back. Whatever, I am getting over it.

I love Will, so much, with all of my heart and soul. As sexually frustrated I may get most of the time, he saved me from going down a very bad road. Without him, I am 95% sure I would have ended up pregnant or with an STD of some sort.

Yes, I used protection, but shit happens. As careful as I was, I could have been more careful. A couple of times condoms fell off. I was just lucky enough to have started birth control a month before that happened.

Will has changed me so much, and all for the better. In two weeks will be our one year anniversary. It has been the best year of my life. He is my longest relationship. I see myself marrying this guy, settling kids, and raising a family.

This may sound really cliché, but I didn’t really know what love was until I found Will.

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