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Update Again

I had a post written, but then highlighted it and pressed delete. I just couldn’t post it, it was just a little too personal. Plus, I was pretty upset when I started it the other night, and by the time I finally finished it tonight I was over it. Who knows, the issue might come up again and I might be more compelled to write about it again, but for now, I am just peachy. (Wow, I can’t believe I just said that…)

On a lighter note, sad to say, I had to take the nipple piercings out in June. I had them for little over a year, but yet they still did not feel quite completely healed, and itched like crazy. If it wasn’t for Will, I probably would have stuck it out, but since I knew the piercings were a turn off to him, I decided to take them out.

On an even better note, I have noticed that my mom and I get along a lot better since I have moved out. We never did communicate well when I lived there, and when I was there I always shut myself up in my room. However, I find myself stopping by more often. We can talk now without getting into some stupid argument, it’s nice.

Also, look forward to some posts featuring erotica. Some entries will be from real hook ups, others imagination. I look forward to writing them, though the ones from memory will be a little bit harder to write, since they happened over a year ago. (Yes, it has been that long for any type of naughtiness in my life).

Speaking of naughty, the other night when I was going through past posts, getting ideas, refreshing my memory one some things, I came across a very interesting post. In this post, I talked about placing my free hand on my throat at the start of an orgasm and how much more intense it made everything. I tried that again that night, and it was everything I imagined it would be and more. Let’s just hope I don’t give myself marks or actually hurt myself.

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