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Review: Solar Bullet

Ever since I first discovered toys and masturbating, I have always preferred bullets over anything else. Unknowingly, I started out with disposable batteries. After always wasting money on them (it took me a while to realize how having now good batteries on hand was annoying, leading up to expensive), I switched to rechargeable batteries and wall charger.

After becoming more advanced in my masturbatory adventures, I eventually bought rechargeable toys. One toy that has always fascinated me was the Solar Bullet. A while ago I noticed that Babeland was offering its reviewers just that, the Soar Bullet. I jumped at the opportunity to try it out.

The bullet comes in a very Earth friendly material box. The instructions for the bullet say to charge the bullet in direct light (preferably sun), for eight hours, giving it a one hour fun time charge. When placed in direct light, the solar power pack lights up a small LED light to indicate charging mode.

My bullet arrived in the late afternoon, so I could not give it a full charge until the next day. To get it ready, I just stuck it in my window where the sun shines directly through. One nice thing about charging this toy, is that the bullet/cord is detachable, making it very inconspicuous and not a huge question raiser.

Once fully charged the next night, I plugged the bullet in to test it out. The on switch is a slider switch; I have never had the best experiences with these types of on/offs, since the slider eventually wears out or gets stuck on one setting. The bullet itself is a very soft, almost velvety texture. The toy is definitely not waterproof, but will wipe off easily with warm water and soap.

After turning the bullet on, I was a little creeped out by the LED light the shone at the tip of the bullet. I also noticed that the bullet itself when on was very buzzy. More buzzy than normal. I, myself, prefer deeper, more rumbley vibrations. This one was very shallow and fast vibrations.

Honestly, the I could not feel the vibrations that the bullet gave off because they were so shallow and fast. The only thing I really felt was something in my body feeling more aroused by the second. I am going to guess that if these vibes continued, they would have lead to a very forced orgasm.

For once in my life, the vibrations became too much, too overwhelming. I, much too soon, had to put the bullet away and trade it for something that would get the job done with more feeling.

All in all, the Solar Bullet is an awesome concept. I also plan to keep it handy, just in case I forget to charge my actual batteries, since the power pack can sit out in the open without people raising curiosity. This is definitely not a beginner’s toy.

Thank you Babeland for letting my review this product!

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