Do Me

“So, what do you want to do?” I asked. We had already ate dinner, watched a movie, and put up with my spotty Internet.

“You,” he said simply.

My heart skipped a beat and I felt an aching, wet throb between my legs. I had been waiting for him to make a move, as we had already discussed having sex. “Okay,” I answered, in an excited, nervous way.

Not really sure how to start, and a little bit flustered, I started pacing around the bed.

“Why do you keep walking away from me?” he asked softly.

“Sorry, just nervous. Not sure what I was doing…” I trailed off as he pulled me close and planted a kiss on my lips.

Immediately our breathing got heavier and our kisses deeper. I led him to the side of the bed where I pulled the blankets back and sat down. We kept kissing, and after a few minutes of just making out, he pulled me back up to my feet where he slowly slid his hands under my shirt, feeling my tits, stomach, and back. My shirt came off.

Still hugging and kissing each other, he started nipping my neck, and began kissing all over my neck and chest. Slowly he began kissing his way down to my belt.

With my right hand I began unbuttoning his shirt, hands shaking from nervousness and excitement. Both of his shirts came off and I began rubbing his nipples with my finger.

By this time he had my belt and pants undone and was in the process of pulling them off. I reached a hand forward and began rubbing my hand over the massive bulge in his pants. If there was one thing I remember about the only other time we hooked up, it was how well endowed he was.

He wrapped me in a hug and began unhooking my bra as I gently scratched my fingernails up and down his back and arms. The bra was off.

He gently pulled me onto the bed with him, covering me in more kisses. Slowly he kissed all the way down my stomach where his fingers found my clit, rubbing it in small circles.

Next he slid a finger into my dripping wet pussy, thrusting in and out, then rubbing the wetness back onto my clit, running in small circles again.

I reached under the bed and pulled out my condom jar and grabbed one. As I unwrapped it he finished getting his pants off so I could put it on.

Once it was on I scooted back onto the bed and he climbed on top of me, guiding his cock into my waiting pussy. He started slow thrusting, gradually speeding up.

“Mmmmm, that feels good,” I said softly. “I’m glad,” he said, smiling. His thrusts got quicker and deeper until he pulled out mostly to slow himself down. After a few seconds he slid back in, the thrusting starting slow until they sped up to make him reach his climax.

We spent a few minutes after kissing, then put on the TV for a bit.

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