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I had been wanting to suck his cock all week. Hell, I had wanted to suck him long before that, but the opportunity never presented itself until after dinner Thursday night.

“So, how about dessert?” he asked me teasingly.

“Mmm, sounds good,” I replied with a smile, slowly walking towards him.

When I got close enough, he tenderly took his hand and placed it on the side of my neck and leaned forward to kiss me. Eagerly, I kissed back as his other hand began rubbing me all over, grabbing my ass, and rubbing some more.

I reached up and slowly began to unbutton his shirt, smiling into his eyes, kissing him. I love his smile when we are playing around, and I love the eager look he gets in his eyes as he smiles. Once the shirt was unbuttoned, I slid it off and began removing his under shirt.

Next I went for his belt and began undoing it, as well as his pants button and zipper. I let the pants fall, and he stepped to the side, only wearing his underwear. I began rubbing his already rock hard cock through the cotton. He moaned in pleasure. The underwear came off and I got on my knees, getting to working with my mouth.

I wrapped my hand around the very thick and long base, then taking his head into my mouth, slowly inch by inch. I traced him with my tongue, massaging where I could. Once I got a good rhythm, I began bobbing my head back and forth.

After a minute or two, I was curious as to how much of him I could take into my mouth, and began easing his cock farther into my mouth. Sadly, I only got a few inches before my body told me to slow down. I pulled back and continued the teasing with my tongue, then bobbing my head.

After at least 5 minutes of sucking him, we moved to the bed, with me curled up at his thigh, pillow under my elbow, and sucking his amazing cock once more. I started with the slow tracing with my tongue, then began bobbing again. I kept this up for a good 20 minutes it seemed. When I heard his breathing change, I would change my rhythm so he could never get close to finishing.

When the unfortunate cramping of my neck began, I pulled out a condom and put it on him so that we could just have sex. Slowly he took off my shirt, then undid my belt and pants. It did not take long to get me completely undressed. We switched places, with me on my back this time, and him on top of my while he eased his cock into my very wet pussy.

He fucked me very gently, as I was still a little tender from my rip a while back. I noticed how his cock hit my g-spot perfectly, and I could feel a small pressure build that I felt once before.

After such a good sucking, it didn’t take long for D to finish, and as he did he reached his face forward to plant a kiss on my lips. He pulled out, we cleaned up, and watched another movie before saying good night.

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