Something I was thinking about tonight was kissing. I was thinking of all the people I have kissed, and how each person kisses differently. I was also thinking how weird it is kissing someone after kissing someone else for 2+ years.

I thought Will would be the last guy I kissed in my life, as we had planned a future together. After we broke up, I wondered who the next guy would be to kiss me. It turned out to be D.

It was so different and exciting kissing D. Honestly it took me a second to realize how different it was. See, when Will used to kiss me, he would just automatically take my bottom lip and suck on it a little. He had done that from day one. I loved it.

I feel kind of bad, because I think in my mind as D and I kissed that first time, I kept waiting for him to take my bottom lip. He never did. It took me a few kisses to realize that he wouldn’t. I hope that didn’t hinder my kissing ability. (Though honestly no one has told me whether or not I am a good kisser, so I really don’t know how I am/was).

As good as it felt to have my bottom lip sucked on during kissing, I think its a good thing that he never did that. I think this because if he had taken my bottom lip, I might start to associate D’s kisses with Will. If that were to happen there is a good chance I could become attached more to D than either of us are ready for.

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