Thursday night I met with Will in a parking lot where he got in my car to go with me to get my nipples repierced. Luckily they were able to use my old bars, so it only cost $50, rather than $100.

Oh my God! That fucking hurt. I ended up squeezing the hell out of Will’s hand, it hurt so bad, and I almost cried. At one point he was actually comforting me and rubbing my shoulder with his free hand while the piercer switched nipples.

I definitely don’t remember them hurting that bad the first time I got them pierced. I am thinking that they hurt more this time because of the scar tissue.

I remember on my post about the first piercing I said that pulling the needle out hurt worse than it going in. That is definitely true. The second nipple also ended up hurting more, since my body knows what to expect. I think that part is just a mind over matter thing. I am just glad it is over with. Just a note for my future self, if I ever take these out and think about getting them pierced again, DON’T! It took forever for the after pain to go away. I got them pierced at about 7 at night, and the pain finally eased up around 11 that night.

Here is a picture. It was awkward as hell to take by myself, but here they are. The picture is definitely not my favorite (I think it looks terrible). Maybe if I can get someone to take a better one, it will post that.

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