Sexual Bucket List

The other night at work (it’s a great time to think), I started thinking about this blog and all the sexual things I have done, the sexual things I want to do, and the sexual things I would like to try over again, since I have had more experiences. I have decided to share this list. One thing I would like to mention first is that some of these things are things I REALLY want to do, and others are kind of just (embarrassing) curiosities. I hate to use the word embarrassing, but they are things that aren’t looked at too positively in public society. They are things I might have a bigger interest in doing, with the right person of course. Also, things are not in any particular order.

Sexual Bucket List
01 – I would like to get a Brazilian (wax my pubes/bikini line/whatever its called).

02 – I would like to attempt to have sex in a car (particularly us in the back seat, me facing him, on his lap, but I am open to any positions that work. The car would also preferably be parked someplace private).

03 – I want to go down on a girl completely. I have done this once before, but it did not last very long, as the girl wanted me to do other things.

04 – I think it would be awesome to have another threesome, since I have more experience now.
04a – I want to have a threesome with 2 guys
04b – I want to have a threesome with 2 girls

05 – I want to get tied up and teased physically (tickled lightly, kissed, touched, rubbed)

06 – I want to get recorded having sex, sucking cock, and even receiving some head myself.

06a – I would also love to record another couple

07 – I want to see myself have sex in a mirror (above me, to the side of me, in front of me)

08 – I still want to learn to pleasure my clit and orgasm without batteries

09 – I want to try different positions, and possibly master them. I have really only had sex in the missionary position, doggy style). Mostly I want to master the cowgirl position (if its possible for a bigger girl like me, never had the chance to try).

10 – I want to attempt to be dual penetrated
10a – I have a small fantasy of having a dick in my pussy, my ass, my mouth, and both hands all at once.
10b – I wouldn’t mind a little bukake

11 – Before my repiercing I wanted to have double piercings on my nipples. The ones I have right now are horizontal, and I wanted to have vertical as well. I am not so sure, but still definitely open to the idea.

12 – I want to find a really nice penis and make a clone of it. They make clone-a-willy kits, and I want one to make a clone of someone’s cock. I made one with Will once, before we started being sexual together, and it did not turn out well. I want a redo, since we never got a chance ourselves.

13 – I want to aim a guy’s dick while he pisses.
13a – I am slightly curious at the idea of golden showers.

14 – I want to have a simulataneous orgasm with my partner.

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