100 Things About Me

Here is a list of random things about me. I tried to keep it somehwat organized, but that lost itself early into the compiling.

01 – I have blond hair

02 – I dyed my hair bright red in high school

03 – Because my hair is so light, it turned pink

04 – I have gray/green eyes

05 – I have had glasses since I was 3 or 4

06 – I had eye surgery when I was 5

07 – I am overweight and trying to fix it

08 – I have 2 half sisters through my mom

09 – I have a half brother through my dad

10 – Even with these 3 half siblings, I grew up as an only child

11 – I grew up in a small town in northern California

12 – I lived in Kansas my first 2 years of high school

13 – My childhood home has only a generator for electricity

14 – I got my first kiss at 15

15 – My first boyfriend, at 15, dumped me after 5 days

16 – I had an online boyfriend during my senior year of high school

17 – I didn’t have my second real life boyfriend until college at

18 18 – Ex #3 was creepy and I dumped him after 3 months

19 – My favorite food is pasta of any kind

20 – I love to cook (especially for others)

21 – I love to read

22 – I love to watch comedy

23 – My favorite comedies are the older Adam Sandlers (Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy, Billy Madison)

24 – All throughout elementary school and junior high I was an outcast

25 – Living in Kansas and having a fresh start made me less of an outcast

26 – I hate carrots 27 – I hate watermelon (always have)

28 – I especially can’t stand the taste and smell of artificial watermelon

29 – I hate meatloaf (the food)

30 – I love garlic

31- I love seafood

32 – I used to love fish until i got really burnt out on it

33 – My favorite color is red

34 – I have pierced nipples (for the second time)

35 – I dislike melons in general

36 – My favorite movie of all time is “A Walk to Remember”

37 – I seem to have trouble keeping friends (whether something happens or we just grow apart)

38 – I used to consider a tongue piercing

39 – I would never consider a clit piercing

40 – I liked the Twilight book series

41 – I enjoy the TrueBlood series

42 – I loved the Harry Potter Books

43 – I don’t really have one favorite author. They vary on the genre I am into at the time

44 – My favorite color is red

45 – I love cuddling

46 – I love kissing

47 – I don’t care for sloppy tongue jammed down through kissing

48 – When it comes to music, I listen to whatever suits my mood

49 – I prefer country

50 – I dislike classical, jazz, and techno

51 – I had a journal called “My Adventures in La-La Land”

52 – I used to write poetry in high school

53 – I was depressed in high school

54 – Several years ago I found out I had repressed memories of my childhood

55 – I believe I have daddy issues

56 – I have abandonment issues

57 – I get attached easily

58 – I am very selfish when it comes to my friends and boyfriends

59 – I lost my virginity at 20 (I felt like I was tricked into it)

60 – I have had 5 total boyfriends in my life (all over a year apart)

61 – I prefer the graveyard shift. It goes by faster for me

62 – I am only close to 2 of my exes (though my latest one is hanging by a thread as my friend)

63 – I love the sound of diesel pick-ups

64 – I cannot get off without a vibrator

65 – I used to have a sex toy addiction that almost put me in debt

66 – I popped my own cherry with a dildo

67 – My first orgasm was at 17

68 – My first orgasm without a vibrator was through g-spot orgasm

69 – I love video games

70 – My favorite MMO is the WoW (World of Warcraft)

71- I love the God of War Series

72 – I want to get a PS3 just so that I can play God of War 3

73 – I loved the orginal Spyro (PS1) games

74 – Hate the new Spyro (PS2) games

75 – My favorite channel used to be LMN (Lifetime Movie Network)

76 – Sometimes I wish I could undo my first time

77 – I wanted my first time to be on my wedding night, to be honest

78 – Despite all that, I don’t regret the things I have done

79 – Everyhting I have done (good/bad, sexual or not) has been a learnign experience

80 – I got my driviers license at 21

81 – I am fascinated with the show “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”

82 – I can relate to a lot of the stuff on that show

83 – I blame myself for things going as far as they did with Toby

84 – I lost a lot of my sex drive after my lastest break up

85 – D is helping bring that back

86 – I do feel like I have calmed down a lot since my last boyfriend, however

87 – I used to have long hair all my life

88 – I got it cut the shortest its ever been this last July

89 – I am still deciding on whether or not I want to grow it out again

90 – I do passion parties to earn extra money

91 – My dream job is to be a sex therapist

92 – I feel like Passion Parties is the first step in the right direction

93 – I have moved 6 times in my life, working on the 7th

94 – I learned that I hate living alone after Will moved out

95 – I like the idea of a room mate, but like the privacy of living alone

96 – I hate sitting on a warm chair

97 – I especially hate a warm toilet seat

98 – I have to have a shower before I can fall asleep

99 – At some point in my life I think I would like to try having a girlfriend

100 – However, if a man comes along first, that is ok by me. 😀

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