Pet Names

I have always been a fan of pet names, though I have not really been called too many, and I have never really used any (unless you count the flirting “hey sexy/cutie/etc.). I always thought they were special. I know some people use them all the time, other people hate them, or think they are sick/fake/etc. I however, think they are the best.

In high school, I dreamed of a guy calling me “Babe.” At the time is seemed so sweet, since no one had ever called me anything besides my real name (and insults during elementary school).

When Will and I became boyfriend and girlfriend, several times he called me “sweety” and “sweet heart.” My heart melted when he called me those. He only used those names a few times, but each time he did I fell more and more for him. He also called me “dear,” which seemed kind of old to me, but I still appreciated it for what it was.

Once we started saying “I love you” to each other, we just started calling each other “Love.” The only times we used the other’s real name was at work. After the break up, we were still so used to our “pet name” for the other, that there were a few painful slip ups (at least for me they were, for him he didn’t care either way (hell, sometimes he wouldn’t answer to his name so I had to use “love” as much as it hurt)).

The other night I was talking to D. I was telling him how anxious I was for the next night (where I would meet up with Will to get my nipples pierced and then go to dinner). I didn’t really want to see him (Will) at the time because I was having a moment where he just made me feel so lonely.

D ended up texting back with “I’m sorry doll.” I liked reading that, especially since I had never been called that before. I thought it was very sweet. My stomach even did a little flip flop. I realized how much I liked it though, and got kind of worried. I am not so much worried now though, as I was having a bad day then, but I was worried of me liking that so much I would get attached before either of us are ready.

I definitely would not mind if something more serious than casual sex happened with D, though I don’t think right now is the best time. Hell, plus I am not even sure he considers me as more than just a friend with benefits. All I know is that I need to be careful, so that I don’t get attached and hurt (though right now I don’t see how D could hurt me more than Will did). I trust D, but in all honesty, I don’t think we know each other as well as we should if a relationship were to form (though really, thats what relationships are all about, learning things about each other).

Sorry, I am rambling. My point is, I like pet names. They are a good way to make me weak in the knees. I definitely don’t mind if D were to call me that again, or even something else. Hell, it could be a good learning exercise if nothing more than casual sex were to happen with us.

Update (as this was a scheduled post): D has called me “doll” several times now. Each time has brought a smile to my face. However, it has also given me a tiny worry in my heart. I like being called that. A lot. However, as much as I smile, I tend to ruin it for myself in either overthinking/overanalyzing what his intention is in calling me that. Is that what he calls just me? Is that what he calls other girls he talks to? Is he starting to get feelings for me? Oh well, I am just gonna go with it, because I like it.

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