After Orgasm

One thing I have noticed is that after I orgasm, I relax so much that I stop breathing. I masturbate, I finish, I turn off the vibe, and lay as still as possible. My body relaxes completely. After a few seconds, when I am ready for air, I take in a deep breath and let it out slowly. I continue this relaxed breathing for a minute or two, until my breathing becomes normal again. Once my breathing is normal, I tend to drift off to sleep, or I take out my batteries, put away my toy, and then fall asleep easily.

Orgasms have always relaxed me completely, however, there will be times (not very often as of lately) that I will fall asleep with my bullet in hand after an orgasm, wake up, and go for another masturbatory round. The more I masturbate in one session, the weaker the orgasm becomes. However, the longer I can keep the same orgasm going, the stronger it becomes, and the more likely I am to squirt (which I have not done in two years I think).

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