I have made two craigslist ads in the past, once in mid 2009 and one about a month ago. Both were to “meet new people and make new friends.” I never did meet anyone that responded, but I did get a lot of responses.

The first time I placed an ad, I would only give my picture when I received one myself. The problem was that once they saw the picture I sent (of my face) each and every responder quit responding. I guess I wasn’t pretty or skinny enough for them. The only real creeper I got was someone messaging me, telling they were married and wanted to know if i would be their “on the side.” Hell no, I don’t want to be involved in that crap.

The second time I placed the ad, I got twice as many responses. There were actually several people I had ongoing conversations with, one of them lasting about 6 hours through email. The other few lasted off and on for a couple days. However, once they all got my picture, they never wrote back. My low self esteem was not surprised.

One guy actually made plans to meet up with me for coffee, but then when I sent my picture so that he would know who to look for, he cancelled the day of the plan to meet. At least he was decent enough to let me know he wouldn’t be there, rather than me waste my gas to go to the damn coffee shop. His excuse? He had to babysit his brother.

There were some guys that seemed really promising, until they either turned out to be shallow or creepy. Both were expected, obviously. I really was not surprised that once people saw me, they quit talking to me. Though I was kind of irritated because I did say that I was a bigger girl in the ad. Either they didn’t see that part, or didn’t think I was THAT big.

One guy who seemed to be really promising showed his creepy side on the second email when I asked him what he did in his spare time. His response? “I like getting head.” That was all he wrote. I never did write back to him.

Out of all the emails, only one seemed to be a bot. At first I thought he was real, real creepy, until I started getting a bunch of links in the emails.

Out of all the guys that saw my picture, only one said that I was “gorgeous.” Unfortunately, he kept sending that same thing. He sent his pic, and he turned out to be one of the tweekers where I work. I quit responding to him as well, but he didn’t get the hint and kept emailing me. He has finally stopped, and has not recognized me at the casino.

I don’t know if I will post on there again, but if I do, maybe I should put it in bold that I am fat? Maybe then they won’t waste my time or theirs.

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